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November 2023 Community Highlights

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Here are some highlights from the month of October


  • 100 new support questions
  • 9 new community articles
  • 476 new members





Community Article


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Enterprise Data Quality at Scale with Spark and Great Expectations in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE...

Paul de Fusco
(@pauldefusco )

Apache Airflow

Apache Spark

Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE)

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)


Spark Geospatial with Apache Sedona in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE)

Paul de Fusco
(@pauldefusco )

Apache Spark
Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE)

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)


Processing real-time unstructured data with GenAI using Cloudera and IBM

Anshul Gupta
(@Anshul_Gupta )

Apache NiFi

Cloudera Data Fkow (CDF)


Feature Releases of Apache Spark 3 minor versions

Ranga Reddy

(@RangaReddy )

Apache Spark


New method to capturing Cloudera Manager (CM 7.x+) performance profile information

Dhruv Seth

(@dseth )

Cloudera Manager



We would like to recognize the below community members and employees for their efforts over the last month to provide community solutions. 

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Share your expertise and answer some of the below open questions. Also, be sure to bookmark the unanswered question page to find additional open questions. 

Unanswered Community Post 

Components/ Labels

Atlas - python path

Apache Atlas

Not able to start hive metastore after postgres upgradation from 9 to 12

Apache Hive

Instance template update is not reflecting in node repair or node addition page

Cloudera Essentials

Cloudera Manager

Hardware Specification of D8 V3

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

Delta table connection via JDBS (Spark Thrift Server) is unable to read meta data

Apache NiFi