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There can be situation where you are adding a Host in Ambari and the Add Host Wizard is stuck in UI with message :

Please wait while the hosts are being checked for potential problems


It will be tougher for you to proceed as next button will be disabled and you migt need to wait indefinitely for the Host to respond.

To analyze what happened.We might need to look on ambari-agent hosts and ambari-server logs.

As usually this Host checking will take longer we can actually skip the same using the Ambari experimental Wizards

Disabling HostCheck On AddHost Wizard


1) navigate in another Tab to URL : http://<AMBARI-SERVER>:8080/#/experimental

2) Tick on 'disableHostCheckOnAddHostWizard' checkbox and save it :


3) Close the Add Host Wizard using close button in UI and retry the same operation again.

Note : Please note this article is not applicable on Ambari-2.7.0 and higher versions.