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This article seeks to provide answers to a few questions, frequently-asked on HCC, about Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).

I heard that the first release of CDP will be for the big cloud vendor's platforms. Is that true?

Yes. The first release of CDP will be for Public Cloud.

How can I learn more about CDP between now and the release date?

This demo webinar is a fairly complete overview of CDP Public Cloud. Recently, there was a webinar on the Data Warehouse service, which is part of CDP Public Cloud. These are good webinars to learn more about CDP. In August, there will be additional webinars on CDP Public Cloud. Also, there will be much more information on CDP Public Cloud at Strata in New York.

When can we expect a preview of CDP?

By the end of August 2019, we expect to provide customers access to the initial CDP Public Cloud services. By Fall (Sep/Oct) we expect to provide customer access to the first on-premises release (CDP Data Center).

Great! How can I keep up with the latest developments?

To stay up to date on the latest information and/or request access to CDP (Public Cloud and/or Data Center), contact your Cloudera account team or go to