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This article assumes you have already identified the GUID associated with your Atlas entity and that the tag in question you wish to associate to this entity already exists.

For more information, on how to identify the GUID for your entity, please see this HCC article by Mark Johnson. For example, if we wanted to add a new tag to all hive tables containing the word "claim", we could use the Full Text Search capability to identify all entities (replace admin:admin with the username:password values for an Atlas administrator):

curl -u admin:admin http://$ATLAS_SERVER:21000/api/atlas/discovery/search/fulltext?query=claim


Now we are ready to assign a new tag, called "PII", to all such entities.

We are using the v1 API for Atlas in HDP 2.5. In HDP 2.6, the Atlas API has been revamped and simplified. Please see this HCC article for more details.

Let's construct an example using the first GUID, f7a24ec6-5b0c-42d8-ba8a-1ac654d24f45. We will use the traits resource associated with this entity, and POST our payload to this endpoint.

curl -u admin:admin http://$ATLAS_SERVER:21000/api/atlas/entities/f7a24ec6-5b0c-42d8-ba8a-1ac654d24f45/traits -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary '{"jsonClass":"org.apache.atlas.typesystem.json.InstanceSerialization$_Struct","typeName":"PII","values":{}}'

We can now query the traits of this entity using a GET request.

curl -u admin:admin http://$ATLAS_SERVER:21000/api/atlas/entities/f7a24ec6-5b0c-42d8-ba8a-1ac654d24f45/traits


We can also see the tag now exists in the Atlas UI:


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