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Cloudera DataFlow Connectors 

We would love to have you and your fellow colleagues attend this session. Please feel free to share this internally. We look forward to having you join us!

Reading from Iceberg 



if you have missing core-site / CDP Environmental settings then paste these in to deploy.



May 12, 2023

  1.  Attend the Webinar .   Rewatch on demand.

  2. Register for the Best in Flow Data Flow Sandbox Environment during the event or after via email you received when signing up.

  3. Work on the the tutorials to get familiar.

  4. Join my Zoom Sessions on May 4 @1pm EST, May 5 @ 9am EST, May 8 @11am EST, and May 9 @ 9am and more .   I will start more on demand if there is need.

  5. Sign up for the slack  group and post if you need help.

  6. Build your own flows and experiment.   You can use one of the available data streams or bring your own public datasets.

  7. Submit your favorite two flows for the competition.

Tutorials To Get You Started

Additional Resources


Quick Tips
  • DNS-based ad-blocker prevented some JavaScript from loading
  •  Use a Chrome Browser
  • Turn off VPNs and ad-blockers
  • Use a fast enough internet connection
  • Login if you are idle for more than 15 minutes
  • Stop, terminate and delete things once you aren't using them
  • Download and document your flows
  • Prefix your work with your userid like this tim_.



Can't wait for this event!  Let's go!!