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During launch of HDP or HDF on azure via cloudbreak, if the following provisioning error is thrown (Check cloudbreak logs):

log:55 INFO  c.m.a.m.r.Deployments checkExistence - [owner:xxxxx] [type:STACK] [id:2] [name:sparky] [flow:xxx] [tracking:] <-- 404 Not Found (104 ms, 92-byte body)/cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | 2018-09-05 14:25:22,882 [reactorDispatcher-24] launch:136 ERROR c.s.c.c.a.AzureResourceConnector - [owner:xxxxxx] [type:STACK] [id:2] [name:sparky] [flow:xxxxxx] [tracking:] Provisioning error:

This means the instance type selected is not available within the region. Please change region where instance is available or change to instance type which is available within region.

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