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Recently I ran into a scenario requiring to connect my Spark Intellij IDE to Kafka DataHub.   I'm not going to claim the status of a pro at IDE secure setup.  Therefore for novices in the security realm alike, they may find this article useful


This article will go through steps setting up an Spark Scala IDE (Intellij)  (with a supplied working code example) to connect securely to a Kafka DataHub over SASL_SSL protocol using PLAIN SASL mechanism.



  • Kafka DataHub Instances
  • Permission setup on Ranger to be able to read/write from Kafka
  • Intellij (or similar) with the Scala plugin installed
  • Workload username and password


Andre Sousa Dantas De Araujo did a great job explaining (very simply) how get the certificate from CDP and create a truststore. Just a few simple steps here

I stored it here on my local machine which is referenced in the spark scala code





JaaS Setup

Create a jaas.conf file


KafkaClient { required


I stored mine here which is referenced in the spark scala code




Spark Session (Scala Code)

  • Master is set to local
  • set spark.driver.extraJavaOptions and spark.executor.extraJavaOptions to the location of your jaas.conf
  • set spark.kafka.ssl.truststore.location to the location of your truststore


    val spark = SparkSession.builder
      .appName("Spark Kafka Secure Structured Streaming Example")
      .config("spark.kafka.bootstrap.servers", kbrokers)
      .config("", "kafka")
      .config("", "SASL_SSL")
      .config("kafka.sasl.mechanism", "PLAIN")
      .config("spark.driver.extraJavaOptions", "")
      .config("spark.executor.extraJavaOptions", "")
      .config("spark.kafka.ssl.truststore.location", "./src/main/resources/truststore.jks")


Write to Kafka

The data in the dataframe is hydrated via csv file.  Here I will simply read the dataframe and write it back out to a Kafka topic



    val ds = streamingDataFrame.selectExpr("CAST(id AS STRING)", "CAST(text AS STRING) as value")
      .option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", kbrokers)
      .option("topic", ktargettopic)
      .option("", "kafka")
      .option("kafka.ssl.truststore.location", "./src/main/resources/truststore.jks")
      .option("", "SASL_SSL")
      .option("kafka.sasl.mechanism", "PLAIN")
      .option("checkpointLocation", "/tmp/spark-checkpoint2/")




Supply JVM option, provide the location of the jaas.conf




Supply the program arguments.  My code takes 2, kafka topic and Kafka broker(s)


sunman my-kafka-broker:9093



That's it! Run it and enjoy secure SparkStreaming+Kafka glory

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