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When synchronizing users from AD or LDAP to Ranger using usersync, It is possible that there are spaces in usernames.

These spaces in user names and Group Names may be replaced by SSSD to use underscores. (Example SSSD config section below.


override_space = _

Ranger needs to synchronize users similarly to avoid issues in access permission setup.

To enable Ranger to perform this conversion , the following flags can be added to "Ranger --> Configs --> Advanced --> custom ranger-ug-site" By adding 2 properties

ranger.usersync.mapping.groupname.regex, ranger.usersync.mapping.username.regex

These two properties can be set to

s/ /_/g

After setting these properties restart ranger service using Ambari and then restart Ranger user sync.

User sync will add new user names with Underscores in the user name. Older usernames and group names with Spaces will need manual cleanup.

Note: This feature is available only From Ranger 0.5.1 version of Ranger.

For more details, please refer to