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In order to debug pairing DLM, you'll need the following pre-req:

1) Root access to the DPS VM

Problem statement - have you received an error when pairing a cluster?


Follow these step-by-step instructions to access the DLM log, to gain granular log information that will help you debug:

1) Run the "sudo docker ps" command to gain the container id for "dlm-app":


In the image above, the container id for "dlm-app" is "83d879e9a45e".

2) Once you receive the container id, you can run the following command "sudo docker exec -it 83d879e9a45e /bin/tailf /usr/dlm-app/logs/application.log"


This will give you insight into the DPS-DLM application, in the example above you'll see "ERROR". The error log will post once you click "pair" in the DLM UI. Using the information from the log, you'll be able to troubleshoot your issue.

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