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In Beeline, the command-line options such as sslTrustStore, trustStorePasswordshowDbInPromp etc are case sensitive.


For example, below is a working connection string from a test bed: 

beeline -u "jdbc:hive2://host-A-fqdn:21051/default;principal=impala/host-A-fqdn@COE.CLOUDERA.COM;ssl=true;sslTrustStore=/opt/cloudera/security/truststore.jks" 

 In the above example, the common mistakes are principal mentioned as Principal and sslTrustStore mentioned as ssltruststore.


Here, if the case sensitivity is not followed, Beeline silently ignores the command line options and drops them: 

//Sample string

beeline -u "jdbc:hive2://host-A-fqdn:21051/default;Principal=impala/host-A-fqdn@COE.CLOUDERA.COM;ssl=true;ssltruststore=/opt/cloudera/security/truststore.jks"

If you use the above connection string, at first, you will encounter a Kerberos issue as the property "principal" will be dropped and the actual Kerberos authentication will fail. If you fix the Kerberos issue, then you would encounter SSL related error as the ssltruststore needs to be written as "sslTrustStore". 


You can find the other command-line options under Beeline Command Options. 

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