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Location: tez-site.xml

Navigation Option: Ambari > Tez > Advanced tez-site > tez-site.xml

Default Value: Empty string

AM view will only be displayed to users who submitted the job.


The Property "" allows you to control users or groups that can view Tez AM jobs. "No default value" or Empty Value indicate that only the users who submitted the job can view their job status.

AM view ACLs. This setting enables the specified users or groups to view the status of the AM and all DAGs that run within the AM. Format: a comma-separated list of users, a white space, and then a comma-separated list of groups. For example, "lhale,msmith administrators,users"

If you want to allow all users have visibility of all Tez jobs, set*

Services to be restarted to apply configuration: Tez, Hive, Oozie.

This Article assumes the following:

1. Environment is Ambari Managed Cluster

2. Tez View is enabled.


Great tip.

For people new to the Tez lexicon: AM = application master DAG = directed acyclic graph