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Download the OVA:

Instructions to Start:

  • Import Sandbox
  • Start
  • Log on directly: <Alt+f5> (user: root password traf123! NOTE: It will say Password "hadoop" it is not)
  • or user putty ( Port 2222 user root password traf123!)
  • Open GUI via browser: (admin/admin)
  • Start All
  • Start HDFS Zookeeper HBase in that order independently
  • hbase shell -> status 'detailed' (should get a detailed status and no errors)
  • From putty: sudo su trafodion
  • sqcheck
  • cstat (make sure no process running)
  • sqstart

Instructions to Stop/Save:

From Trafodion

  • sqstop
  • ckillall

From Ambari GUI

  • Stop All
  • Stop HBase
  • Stop Zookeeper
  • Stop HDFS

From putty do a jps and make sure no HBase processes are running.

Stop and Save session

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