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SYMPTOM: During processes like adding a service, or upgrading, Ambari UI complains package not found for installation. From the log we can see that Ambari is searching for a repo higher version than cluster's current HDP version

For example: -- Current version : Ambari Version 1.7.0 and HDP 2.2.0 -- But Ambari is searching in repo version for 2.2.8

ROOT CAUSE: It seems that /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/stacks/HDP/<VERSION>/repos/repoinfo.xml file has been updated with wrong latest version info.


1. comment out the below line in file /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/stacks/HDP/<VERSION>/repos/repoinfo.xml


2. Open Ambari database, and check content of table metainfo . For example :


In case the metainfo_key "repo:/HDP/2.2/redhat6/HDP-<VERSION>:baseurl" is missing, use following command to add content to table : ' INSERT INTO metainfo VALUES ('repo:/HDP/2.2/redhat6/HDP-<VERSION>:baseurl', ''); '

3. restart ambari server and agents

4. yum clean all command on service master hosts

5. re-install or re-run upgrade

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