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The latest and greatest version of Hortonworks HDB i.e version addresses many of the concerns from customers/prospects who have been considering Hortonworks HDB for their production data analytics workloads.

Below is the list of major improvements available in Hortonworks HDB over its predecessor.

  • Ranger support (in BETA mode)
    • Lack of support for Ranger has been a deal breaker in field in past. Hortonworks HDB is step in right direction and includs Beta support for Apache Ranger.
    • Hortonworks HDB now include a RESTful service that provides integration between HDB and Ranger policy management.
    • Ranger integration enables you to use Apache Ranger to authorize user access to Hortonworks HDB resources. Using Ranger enables you to manage all of your Hadoop components’ authorization policies using the same user interface, policy store, and auditing stores.
    • For more details on how to use Ranger for authorization in Hortonworks HDB, please refer to
  • PXF ORC with Pivotal HDB
    • ORC is a columnar file format that provides a highly efficient way to both store and access HDFS data. ORC files offer improvements over text and RCFile formats in terms of both compression and performance.ORC support is provided by a new profile “HiveORC “ exposed in the PXF Hive plug-in. The “HiveORC” profile supports access to data stored in ORC format only through a Hive mapped table
    • Optimized Row Columnar file format, which had been Beta in prior versions, is now fully supported by Hortonworks HDB
  • Support for CentOS 7 / RHEL 7
    • Hortonworks HDB 2.2 now has downloads for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7 operating systems
  • Compatibility with Hortonworks Data Platform ecosystem
    • Hortonworks HDB 2.2 is certified to work with Hortonworks Data Platform (DHP) 2.5.3 and Ambari 2.4.2
    • The support for HDP 2.6 is currently undergoing testing and is tentatively planned to be generally available in Q3 2017
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