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Due to a recent change in Google Cloud's handling of requests, all clusters created on Google Cloud Platform with Cloudbreak Cloudbreak 2.4.0 (or earlier 2.x) and 1.16.5 (or earlier 1.x) fail with an error similar to:

Infrastructure creation failed. Reason: Error during status check: [ resourceType: GCP_DISK, resourceName: hdf-test, stackId: 5, operation: hdftest-s-2-20180323123311 ] [ Cause message: 403 Forbidden { "code" : 403, "errors" : [ { "domain" : "global", "message" : "Required 'compute.globalOperations.get' permission for 'projects/*******/global/operations/operation-1521808391647-56813a099af18-300f33eb-8a28c20c'", "reason" : "forbidden" } ], "message" : "Required 'compute.globalOperations.get' permission for 'projects/*******/global/operations/operation-1521808391647-56813a099af18-300f33eb-8a28c20c'" } ]

In order to address the issue, we created a 2.4.1 maintenance release. You can upgrade to Cloudbreak 2.4.1 by using cbd update. For detailed update steps, refer to Cloudbreak 2.4.1 docs.

> As a side note, Cloudbreak 2.4.1 also includes a fix for time-based scaling.

If you are using Cloudbreak 1.x and do not want to update to Cloudbreak 2.x, you can update to Cloudbreak 1.16.6 by following these steps:

1.Download the CBD binary:

curl -Ls$(uname)_x86_64.tgz | sudo tar -xz -C /bin cbd

2.After updating, restart Cloudbreak (must be done from the deployment directory):

cbd restart
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