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Plan and Assess

This is a purely planning step. The expected deliverable is an Upgrade Plan. Gather all details about existing environment to plan for the upgrade path and associated upgrade tasks.

1) Determine Upgrade Path

Based on the current and target version of the HDP stack, and whether Ambari is used or not, select the supported upgrade guide from Hortonworks documentation site. Identify key requirement if Namenode HA or other HA needs to be disabled or Security needs to be disabled.

Current version:

● HDP Stack version

● Ambari version (if Ambari is used)

● OS Version

Target version:

● HDP Stack version

● Ambari version (if Ambari is used)

Below are some useful links

HDP Stacks Managed by Different Ambari Versions:

Upgrading to Ambari 2.4:

Upgrading HDP Using Ambari:

Upgrading HDP Manually (without Ambari):

2) Review Known Issues in Target Version Release

Review the following items:

Behavioral Changes that will affect applications

● Unsupported features

● Known Issues

● New features added to release

HDP 2.5 Release Notes:

HDP 2.5 Known Issues:

3) Select Validation Applications

Select two groups of validation applications.

First group: Industrial benchmarks like Teragen & Terasort, TestDFSIO, Hive TPC-DS, and HBase performance tests. As the minimum use Teragen & Terasort with multiple mappers for Teragen and multiple reducers for Terasort.

Second group (optional): User defined validation applications . Identify representative applications (together with the input data) which are being used most often. Be sure to include at least one for every used Hadoop component like MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Oozie, Storm, Kafka and others.

4) Finalize Project Management Items

Scope: Identify clusters to be upgraded and components to upgrade and newly install (if any).

HR: Staff upgrade teams. Also, some validation applications can be run by developers themselves.

Time: Identify upgrade tasks, timeline and task owners.

QA: Carefully identify validation tasks

Risk: Estimate down-time for each cluster upgrade.

Resources: Prepare the cluster on which the upgrade will be tested (eg., Dev). When upgrading production clusters it is strongly recommended to attempt the upgrade first on a test cluster.


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