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SYMPTOM: Ranger plugin is enabled for HIVE. Restarting HIVE service its not able to start and stucking on below error


2015-10-15 13:02:51,683 - u"File['/var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/ojdbc6.jar']" {'content': DownloadSource('')} 

2015-10-15 13:02:51,796 - Not downloading the file from, because /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/oracle-jdbc-driver.jar already exists 

2015-10-15 13:02:51,996 - call['hdp-select status hadoop-client'] {'timeout': 20}


Ranger Hive policies http url calls were taking forever to return results Ranger makes a lot of calls to urllib2.urlopen(request) that don't have a timeout in Ambari 2.0 Opened Ambari BUG to put time=5 in the file.



1) Edit /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource-management/libraries/functions/ and copy to all host to be safe (only Hive nodes)

all urllib2.urlopen(request) do urllib2.urlopen(request, timeout=5)

2) Delete duplicate x_group_users - MYSQL

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