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Authorization Models applicable to the Hive CLI Hive provides a few different authorization models plus Apache Ranger, as described in the Hive Authorization section of the HDP System Administration Guide. Hive CLI is subject to the following two models--

  1. Hive default (Insecure) - Any user can run GRANT statements - DO NOT USE
  2. Storage-based (Secure) - Authorization at the level of databases/tables/partitions, based on HDFS permissions (and ACLs in HDP 2.2.0+)

Frequently Asked Questions about Hive CLI Security

Can I set restrictive permissions on the hive executable (shell wrapper script) and hive-cli jar?No, components such as Sqoop and Oozie may fail. Additionally, a user can run their own copy of the hive client from anywhere they can set execution privileges. To avoid this limitation, migrate to the Beeline CLI and utilize HiveServer2, and restrict access to the cluster through a gateway such as Knox.

Can Ranger be used to enforce permissions for Hive CLI users?HDFS policies can be created in Ranger, and the Hive Metastore Server can enforce HDFS permissions (and ACLs in HDP 2.2+) using storage-based authorization. The user executing hive-cli can bypass authorization mechanisms by overriding properties on the command line, so the Ranger Hive plugin does not enforce permissions for Hive CLI users.

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