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Problem Statement:

When you try to execute GET call using ambari api to list/GET services, it usually gives error as shown below -

# curl -u admin:admin -H "X-Requested-By: ambari" -X GET  http://<AMBARI_SERVER_HOST>:8080/api/v1/clusters/<cluster_name>/services/

curl: (1) Protocol  http not supported or disabled in libcurl


# curl -u admin:admin -H "X-Requested-By: ambari" -X GET ““

curl: (1) Protocol “http not supported or disabled in libcurl


  1. It’s a tipical curl_php error, but, the error response is not very, ehmmmm easy to deduce. It’s simple, surely there is an extra space before ‘http’, so check the CURLOPT_URL declaration, and search for this space, and then, delete it!!!!
  2. Make sure the syntax of double quotes is correct. This also leads to the error.
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