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Oozie server timezone

  • For Ambari users, login and navigate to Custom Oozie-site.

Ambari > Oozie > configs > custom oozie-site

  • Add Property "oozie.processing.timezone=GMT-0500"

oozie.processing.timezone Default value=UTC

Oozie server timezone. Valid values are UTC and GMT(+/-)####, for example 'GMT+0530' would be India timezone. All dates parsed and generated dates by Oozie Coordinator/Bundle will be done in the specified timezone. The default value of 'UTC' should not be changed under normal circumstances. If for any reason is changed, note that GMT(+/-)#### timezones do not observe DST changes.


  • Save and Restart Oozie Service

Oozie Web Console

To View the Job in EST Timezone on Oozie Web Console, follow below steps.


  • Navigate to "* Jobs" Tab and refresh to see the jobs in EST timezone

Oozie Coordinator properties, use the time in EST and append "-500" to it.



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