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As of HDP 2.3 Sandbox, there is now a another way to determine the version of Sandbox being used. Previously, comparing md5 checksums was one way to compare versions of Sandboxes. Now, one can use the command


Running the command in the terminal will output a result such as

[root@sandbox azure]# sandbox-version                                                                                                         
Sandbox information:                                                                                                                          
Created on: 27_10_2015_15_18_06 for vmware                                                                                                    
Hadoop stack version:  Hadoop                                                                                              
Ambari Version: 2.1.2                                                                                                                         
Ambari Hash: 0ef0b7b62cf14eaaff3c5c3f416253f568f323f9                                                                                         
Ambari build:  Release : 377                                                                                                                  
OS Version:  CentOS release 6.7 (Final)  

This is useful when posting issues in the HDP forums regarding the Sandbox.

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If you have Ambari running in a browser, you can check the versions of all components of the stack and the HDP version. Also, the version is in the filename of the sandbox VM file.


Without exact science, you can get the version of HDP running on the sandbox, checking the repo enabled on the sandbox:

```yum repolist | grep HDP```

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