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Quick post to add an auto fix for Solr infra lock issue.
Ranger server under :

Edit the file solrconfig.xml

Uncomment and change <unlockOnStartup>false</unlockOnStartup>  to <unlockOnStartup>true</unlockOnStartup>

Submit the new xml:

 /usr/lib/ambari-infra-solr-client/ --zookeeper-connect-string XXXX:2181/infra-solr --upload-config --config-dir /usr/hdp/current/ranger-admin/contrib/solr_for_audit_setup/conf --config-set ranger_audits  --jaas-file

Increase the sleep time from 5 to 30 seconds in /opt/lucidworks-hdpsearch/solr/bin/solr

sed -i 's/(sleep 5)/(sleep 30)/g'/opt/lucidworks-hdpsearch/solr/bin/solr

Or in the following :

sed -i 's/(sleep 5)/(sleep 30)/g' /usr/lib/ambari-infra-solr/bin/solr 

you can also add in the script the following command :

hadoop fs -rm /user/infra-solr/ranger_audits/core_node1/data/index/write.lock 
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