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Following steps will help you install miniconda, conda or anaconda using wget.

1. Locate the version you need to install by opening the following link on your browser

for example lets say you decided to use

2. Download the installer

yum install wget bzip2

3. Run the installer and follow the steps

chmod +x

Note: I recommend to select an install location like /opt/miniconda3 or similar that can be shared and used by different users


@Felix Albani

can you please extend the instructions to cover the following:
1) How to integrate minidconda with HDP - Spark2 and Zeppelin. For a fact, we need to use python 3.4.x so it works with spark2 in HDP.

I have now installed miniconda via the SSH of HDP, what are the next steps to use the miniconda version within spark2 environment in zeppelin. ?


@Ravi Kumar Lanke I have successfully completed the steps, how do we point zeppelin under spark2 interpreter to the anaconda envirnment ?


@Felix Albani thank you pyspark, spark2 is now in Zeppelin HDP

New Contributor

Hi Victor,

Install anaconda python and make it default.

Please find the attachment.



@Ravi Kumar LankeThis is valuable information that will help alot of people ! Maybe you should create a seperate 'faq' just like the one above so everybody can see this 🙂 !

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