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Recently, I have observed there are lot of questions in HCC on - how to reset Atlas and Is there a way to delete the registered types in Atlas. So, I thought of sharing this article with the community to clarify these queries.

To give some context, Atlas uses HBase as its default datastore when its managed by Ambari. So, basically it uses two Hbase tables to store all its metadata.

  • 'atlas_titan' : stores all the metadata from various sources.
  • 'ATLAS_ENTITY_AUDIT_EVENTS': stores the audit information of the entities in Atlas

The above two table names can be changed using two properties "" and "atlas.audit.hbase.tablename" respectively in the

Now, coming back to the actual question - how to wipe-out the metadata from the Atlas? Follow below steps to achieve the same.

  • Stop Atlas via Ambari.
  • In hbase terminal, to disable hbase table, run this command.
disable 'atlas_titan'
  • In hbase terminal, to drop hbase table, run this command.
drop 'atlas_titan'
  • Start Atlas via Ambari.

The above steps can be repeated for 'ATLAS_ENTITY_AUDIT_EVENTS' table if there is requirement to wipe-out audit data as well.

This above steps should reset atlas and start it as if it is a fresh installation. Let me know if there any queries. Thanks.


Thank for the article.

Do I also need to delete collection (core?) from Ambari Infra?


You can delete solr core if no longer want to store indexes.


hello @Ayub Khan i have a question im new with atlas and i udgrade to HDP 2.6 so now i'm not able to see the new tables neither the database. Any suggesion please

thanks you

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@Ayub Khan

How to do it for Janus Graph with the current implementation?


This does not work in HDP 3.0.1

hbase(main):001:0> disable 'atlas_titan' 
ERROR: Table atlas_titan does not exist.
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For HDP-3.x, HBase table name is 'atlas_janus'.