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Cloudera Employee

Install AWS CLI from the steps provided in the below link

Verify AWS CLI installation

$aws --version

Configure AWS credentials

$aws configure

Download Ozone 0.3.0-alpha tarball from here, untar it.

Go to the $PWD/ozone-0.3.0-aplha/compose/ozones3 directory, and start the server:
docker-compose up -d

Create alias command

alias ozones3api='aws s3api --endpoint http://localhost:9878'

Create bucket:

$ ozones3api create-bucket --bucket documents

Put objects to bucket:

$ ozones3api put-object --bucket documents --key S3Doc --body ./
$ ozones3api put-object --bucket documents --key hddsDoc --body ./$ ozones3api put-object --bucket documents --key javaDoc --body ./

List objects in a bucket:

$ ozones3api list-objects --bucket documents
{"Contents": [{"LastModified": "2018-11-02T21:57:40.875Z","ETag": "1541195860875","StorageClass": "STANDARD","Key": "hddsDoc","Size": 2845},{"LastModified": "2018-11-02T22:36:23.358Z","ETag": "1541198183358","StorageClass": "STANDARD","Key": "javaDoc","Size": 5615},{"LastModified": "2018-11-02T21:56:47.370Z","ETag": "1541195807370","StorageClass": "STANDARD","Key": "s3doc","Size": 1780}]}

Get Object from a Bucket:

$ ozones3api get-object --bucket documents --key hddsDoc /tmp/hddsDoc
{"ContentType": "application/octet-stream","ContentLength": 2845,"Expires": "Fri, 02 Nov 2018 22:39:00 GMT","CacheControl": "no-cache","Metadata": {}}

Head Bucket:

$ ozones3api head-bucket --bucket documents

Head Object:

$ ozones3api head-object --bucket documents --key hddsDoc
{"ContentType": "binary/octet-stream","LastModified": "Fri, 2 Nov 2018 21:57:40 GMT","ContentLength": 2845,"Expires": "Fri, 02 Nov 2018 22:41:55 GMT","ETag": "1541195860875","CacheControl": "no-cache","Metadata": {}}

Copy Object:

This is used to create a copy object which already exists in Ozone.

Suppose, we want to take a backup of keys in documents bucket in to a new bucket, we can use this.

1. Create a destination bucket.

$ ozones3api create-bucket --bucket documentsbackup
{"Location": "http://localhost:9878/documentsbackup"}

2. Copy object from source to destination bucket

$ ozones3api copy-object --bucket documentsbackup --key s3doc --copy-source documents/s3doc
{"CopyObjectResult": {"LastModified": "2018-11-02T22:49:20.061Z","ETag": "21df0aee-26a9-464c-9a81-620f7cd1fc13"}}

3. List objects in destination bucket.

$ ozones3api list-objects --bucket documentsbackup
{"Contents": [{"LastModified": "2018-11-02T22:49:20.061Z","ETag": "1541198960061","StorageClass": "STANDARD","Key": "s3doc","Size": 1780}]}

Delete Object:

We have 2 ways to delete.

  1. Delete one object at a time
  2. Delete multiple objects at a time.

Ozone over S3 supports both of them.

Delete Object:

$ ozones3api delete-object --bucket documents --key hddsDoc

Multi Delete:

$ ozones3api delete-objects --bucket documents --delete 'Objects=[{Key=javaDoc},{Key=s3Doc}]'
{"Deleted": [{"Key": "javaDoc"},{"Key": "s3Doc"}]}
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