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If you've ever wanted to automate CDP, the CDP CLI is the tool to use.  Anything from pulling Virtual Warehouse details to spinning up a new Virtual Warehouse, the CDP CLI is a powerful tool.  Not only Data Warehouse driven, the CDP CLI encompasses all pieces of CDP.  


CML is an IDE for all things.  Working on a project from within CML should be a simple and straightforward process.  If you're creating an application that will interact with CDP in one way or another, the CDP CLI can be installed in less than sixty seconds.  Once installed within your CML Project, you'll have the full power of the CDP CLI at your fingertips.  


Step 1: Within your session launch the terminal access



 Step 2: Within your session Terminal, type pip install cdpcli and click enter


pip install cdpcli


 Step 3: Generate an API Access Key (if you don't already have one)

You'll receive a cdp_access_key_id and cdp_private_key

Step 4: Within your session Terminal, type cdp configure


cdp configure


 You'll input your CDP Access Key ID and CDP Private Key, you can leave the CDP Region [None] and CDP Endpoint URL [None]

That's it!  Now you can run all the CDP CLI commands within your CML Project!  As I said, you're done in sixty seconds!



Nice and Quick!  Excellent!