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Some interesting talks for Hadoop Summit 2016 (EMEA). Please vote: the deadline is Dec 15 and you can vote for as many talks as you want

Hadoop governance, security, deployment, operations

1. Rolling & Express Upgrades of the Stack in Ambari

Data science

0. Analyzing Hollywood with Spark and Hadoop:

1. Magellan (how to scale geospatial joins using Magellan):

2. Online Learning (how to do machine learning online and fast while being accurate):

3. MLLeap (joint work with Truecar on migrating machine learning pipelines from offline modeling to online scoring):

4. Entity Disambiguation (how to apply machine learning techniques to resolve entities):

5. Monte Carlo simulations using Spark:

6. Finding Outliers with Spark and Storm: Guide to Keeping Your Sanity:

Committer Track

1. Running Storm with 5 9's availability

2. The Future of Apache Storm

Application Track

1. DataCube - Yahoo!'s Next-Generation Near Real-Time Ads Targeting Platform

2. Practical Complex Event Processing with Storm

Hadoop and the Internet of Things

1. Streaming SQL on Storm

2. From Device to Data Center to Insights: Architectural Considerations for the Internet of Anything


Also see

Practical Data Science with Apache Spark & Apache Zeppelin

Running Spark in Production

Cover topics of Spark Perf Tuning, Security & Spark on YARN

Please consider voting if you want to hear more on these topics.

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