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Cloudbreak 2.8.0 Technical Preview release is now available!

New features

Cloudbreak 2.8.0 TP introduces the following new features:

AWS GovCloudCloudbreak supports installing Cloudbreak and creating Cloudbreak-managed clusters on AWS GovCloud. Deploying on AWS vs AWS GovCloud
EBS volume encryption on AWSYou can optionally configure encryption for EBS volumes attached to cluster instances running on EC2. Default or customer-managed encryption keys can be used.EBS encryption on AWS
GCP volume encryptionBy default, Compute Engine encrypts data at rest stored on disks. You can optionally configure encryption for the encryption keys used for disk encryption. Customer-supplied (CSEK) or customer-managed (CMEK) encryption keys can be used.Disk encryption on GCP
User authorizationCloudbreak introduces a new authorization model, which allows resource sharing via organizations.User authorization
Operations audit loggingCloudbreak records an audit trail of the actions performed by Cloudbreak users as well as those performed by the Cloudbreak application.Operations audit logging
Updating long-running clusterCloudbreak supports updating base image's operating system and any third party packages that have been installed.Updating long-running clusters
Data lake HA and Atlas supportCloudbreak includes two data lake blueprints:
  • Data lake HA blueprint
  • Data lake blueprint including Atlas (HA is not supported)

Working with Data Lakes (TP)

Multiple existing security groups on AWSMultiple existing security groups can be specified when creating a cluster via CLI on AWS.Multiple existing security groups on AWS
Shebang in Python recipesCloudbreak supports using shebang in Python scripts run as recipes.Writing recipes
HDF 3.2Cloudbreak can be used to deploy HDF 3.2 clusters by using one of the two default HDF 3.2 blueprints:
  • Flow Management clusters with Apache NiFi
  • Messaging clusters with Apache Kafka.

Default cluster configurations

For more information on what changed in Cloudbreak 2.8.0 TP, refer to Release Notes.

Redesigned documentation

Starting with Cloudbreak 2.8.0, Cloudbreak documentation is published in the same format (HTML and PDF) as other Hortonworks documentation. You can access the available publications here:

Here is what you should expect to find in each publication:


  • Release Notes: New features, behavioral changes, known issues, fixed issues, and image catalog updates.







Get started with Cloudbreak

Use the following links to install or upgrade Cloudbreak:

Quickstart on AWS/Azure/GCP

Upgrading Cloudbreak

Cloudbreak Deployment Options


Hiya @Dominika Bialek

I like this release because of the user authorisation model and operations audit logging. That's what is needed in the enterprise organisations.
I'm using cbd quite extensively, is there any chance to you could share the roadmap for the next releases? Cheers!

I'm glad the features are helpful. Sorry, I'm not authorized to share the roadmap outside of Hortonworks.

All the best 🙂

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