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This is a continuation of an article I wrote about 1 year ago:


1) Enable Kerberos on your cluster

Perform all steps specified here: and connect successfully to hive service via command line using your user keytab. That implies a valid ticket.

2) Install JMeter

See previous article mentioned in Introduction.

3) Set Hive User keytab in jaas.conf


Your jaas.conf should look something like this:

JMeter { required

4) JMeter Setup

There are 2 files under /bin folder of the JMeter installation which are used for Kerberos configuration:

krb5.conf - file of .ini format which contains Kerberos configuration details

jaas.conf - file which holds configuration details of Java Authentication and Authorization service

These files aren’t being used by default, so you have to tell JMeter where they are via system properties such as:

Alternatively you can add the next two lines to the file which is located at the same /bin folder.

I suggest using full paths to files.

5) Manage Issues

If you encounter any issues:

- enable debug by adding the following to your command:,configfile,configparser,logincontext

- check jmeter.log to see whether all properties are set as expected and map to existent file paths.

6) Turn-off Subject Credentials

7) Example of JMeter Command

-Xmx1024m" bin/jmeter,configfile,configparser,logincontext -n -t t1.jmx -l results -e
-o output

This could be simplified if you add those two lines mentioned earlier to be added to

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