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A number of customers want to run CDSW R sessions within the Jupyter Notebook.  This is unsuccessful within CDSW when a customer attempts to perform this and results in the following errors depending on how you execute Jupyter.


Execution halted
WARNING:root:kernel 8166ed20-6142-44d1-92b8-9a0ae11777a9 restarted
Error in ok_device(filename, ...) : X11 is not available
Calls: <Anonymous> ... evaluate -> -> -> <Anonymous> -> ok_device
Execution halted


By default the Jupyter R Kernel is not shipped with CDSW 1.5+.  In order to get this to work you will have to install the Jupyter R Kernel manually.  The instructions are below as follows:


Instructions on installing Jupyter R Kernel from source.

1/2) Installing from source


You'll need zmq development headers to compile pbdZMQ (Click your OS):

R packages

Start R in the same terminal, and proceed as below.

You can install the packages via

install.packages(c('repr', 'IRdisplay', 'IRkernel'), type = 'source')

To update your source installation, repeat above step.

2/2) Making the kernel available to Jupyter

The kernel spec can be installed for the current user with the following line from R:


To install system-wide, set user to False in the installspec command:

IRkernel::installspec(user = FALSE)
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I'm stuck on this and would really like to use R in jupyterlab as CDSW is putting it plainly a glorified text editor and so would a lot of my colleagues


Is there a way to do this without admin rights

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