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Problem: How to enable LDAP for users to view Activity Explorer Dashboard. We may have shiro.ini enabled for LDAP for Zepplin but it is different for Activity Explorer Dashboard.

Solution: On SmartSense Activity Explorer node, under [main] section

cd /etc/smartsense-activity/conf/
vi shiro.ini

sessionManager = org.apache.shiro.web.session.mgt.DefaultWebSessionManager
securityManager.sessionManager = $sessionManager
securityManager.sessionManager.globalSessionTimeout = 86400000
shiro.loginUrl = /api/login
ldapRealm = org.apache.zeppelin.realm.LdapRealm
ldapRealm.contextFactory.systemUsername = <fill your details>
ldapRealm.contextFactory.systemPassword = <fill your details>
ldapRealm.contextFactory.authenticationMechanism = SIMPLE
ldapRealm.contextFactory.url = <fill your details>
ldapRealm.pagingSize = 200
ldapRealm.authorizationEnabled = true
ldapRealm.searchBase = <fill your details>
ldapRealm.memberAttributeValueTemplate = <fill your details>
ldapRealm.userSearchAttributeName = <fill your details>
ldapRealm.userLowerCase = true 
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