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In last month’s “HCC Community Merge” announcement, we shared exciting news that the Cloudera and Hortonworks communities will unite our content and members under one roof!

In preparation for this transition, we want to introduce you to our new Reputation Program where you will be able to collect and show off all new badges or rank up in new levels in the combined Cloudera Community.

Here is a preview and details of how this new program works.

What about my HCC reputation and points?

Your reputation as a trusted community member will move to the Cloudera Community along with your content. But your existing contributions will count towards new badges and ranks in the new system.

Additionally, the new community platform uses a rank system, not a point system. Our team is working hard to ensure members will migrate into an appropriate rank level based upon their points and past HCC contributions.

What is the new ranking system?

While we aren’t using points moving forward, the same actions that earned you points in the past contribute to your new rankings. In other words, your rank grows as you contribute to the community through a combination of asking questions, replying to others, giving and receiving kudos (instead of “Votes” now you will give “Kudos” to helpful or thorough responses), and providing solutions. The more substantive your contributions, the higher your rank. For more ways to engage in the community check out Community Changes and Feature Definitions Details.

How do I know my rank?

An icon next to your username indicates your current rank. The icon will change as your reputation within the community grows, marking your progress as you move up the ranks toward becoming a Master Mentor. 109888-rank-chart-transferred-2019-07-23-02-55-03.jpgCheck out the chart on the left for complete list of our new ranks and corresponding icons.

Can I keep my existing HCC badges?

You’ve earned them, and they’re yours to keep! We will move your HCC badges with your profile as legacy badges, but please be patient with us as we make any necessary adjustments within the days or weeks after the migration in order to ensure all your badges are moved correctly. We’re also rolling out a new badge and gamification system later this summer so you can earn a whole set of new badges based on your engagement and contribution in a specific area.

So community contributions earn badges and improve our rank?

Yes. Our new system will also have badges where you are rewarded for specific actions: providing solutions, tagging content, and asking questions. Badges will have additional levels allowing you to advance from a Level I starter all the way up to a Level V master (and maybe more) quicker than before. In other words, complete a certain number of specific actions and earn a new badge level. More to come on this soon.

Unlike badges, rank advancement is based on your overall contributions to the Cloudera Community. Simple interactions and useful input will still contribute to your rankings, but advanced, well-rounded contributions really boost your rank.


To further highlight our outstanding community members and promote a little friendly competition, our new system will also feature multiple leaderboards that recognize:

  1. Top Solution Authors

  2. Top Kudoed Authors

  3. Top Community Article Contributors

  4. Top Repo Contributors

Want to learn more?

We will share detailed information to give you full insight after the migration is complete, so stay tuned for more updates. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Community Team with any questions.

We’re so excited to implement this new Reputation Program because we know our community is nothing without the people who bring it to life, and we want to recognize your contributions and participation. Thank you for helping us continue to grow our collective knowledge by asking questions, adding content, and sharing your expertise.

—The HCC and Cloudera Community Team

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