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Hey Cloudera Community!

We're thrilled to announce our latest addition to the Cloudera AMP catalog - Text Summarization and more with Amazon Bedrock! If you've been keen on tapping into the power of foundation models from leading AI companies like Amazon, this AMP is crafted just for you.

What are AMPs?

Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) are pre-packaged ML projects designed for easy deployment within Cloudera Machine Learning (CML). AMPs enable data scientists to go from an idea to a fully working ML use case in a fraction of the time.

What's Inside:

  1. Guided Setup: Navigate effortlessly through the setup process and start using the Amazon Bedrock API in no time.
  2. Highlighted Models: Dive deep with two powerful models:
    1. amazon.titan-tg1-large
    2. anthropic.claude-v2 (Supports a whopping 100K tokens in the prompt!)
  3. Flexibility in Action: Customize the instruction prompts as needed to instruct the models for diverse text generation tasks.
  4. API Guidance: Benefit from clear directions on prompt formats and request API schema for hassle-free model calls.

Why Dive In?

Harness the combined power of Cloudera and Amazon's Bedrock. Whether it's the expansive range of foundation models or the adaptability of instruction prompts, this AMP is your next step in advanced ML implementation.

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