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Component Alignment

If you have ever wanted to line up the components on your canvas, you now have an easy way to do it. Just select the desired components, right-click to see the context menu and select “Align vertically” or “Align horizontally” depending on your desired result.

"Align vertically" example:



“Align horizontally” example:



Component Linking

Have you ever wanted to go directly to a process group instead of having to find your way through other process groups to get to it? NiFi 1.2 supports the use of a hyperlink to navigate directly to a component (process group, processor, etc.). For example, the flow shown in the following screenshot is in process group “PG 4” which is embedded within three other process groups:


Note that the NiFi URL in the browser now contains component information, specifically the Process Group ID for "PG 4”. The URL can now be shared with other users, and when pasted in their browsers, will take them directly to that process group on their canvas. This functionality is especially useful when multi-tenant authorization is configured. For further information see or

Enhanced Context Menus

To streamline flow creation and configuration, the options available in the right-click context menus have been expanded in NiFi 1.2. For example, when no components are selected on the canvas, NiFi 1.1 only had the “Refresh” option to select. But in NiFi 1.2, the menu has “Refresh", “Configure", “Start", “Stop", "Upload template" and "Create Template” options, which are also the enabled buttons on the Operate Palette:


Improved Controller Services UX

Controller Services can be created on two levels: controller and dataflow. On the controller level, Controller Services are created for Reporting Tasks and added by selecting "Controller Settings" from the Global Menu. On the dataflow level, Controller Services are added by selecting “Configure" from the Operate Palette or via the right-click context menu.

To help reduce confusion about which level the services have been created on, information regarding context, scope and availability have been added to the UI. So, for the controller level, it is clearer that the Controller Services here exist within the context of NiFi as a whole, are scoped for the controller and are available to Reporting Tasks and other services defined on this level:


For the dataflow level, it is clearer that the Controller Services here exist within the context of the process group, scoped for the process group and are available to processors and services of the process group:


For further information see or

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