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In HDF 2.0, administrators can secure access to individual NiFi components in order to support multi-tenant authorization. This provides organizations the ability to create least privilege policies for distinct groups of users.

For example, let's imagine we have a NiFi Team and a Hadoop Team at our company and the Hadoop Team can only access dataflows they've created, whereas the NiFi Team can access all dataflows. NiFi 1.0 in HDF 2.0 can use different authorizers, such as file-based policies (managed within NiFi) and Ranger-based policies (managed within Ranger), as well as custom, pluggable authorizers.

In this example, we'll use Ranger. For more detail on configuring Ranger as the authorizer for NiFi, please see this article. To separate the different teams' dataflows, we'll create separate process groups for each team. In NiFi, access policies are inheritable, supporting simpler policy management with the flexibility of overriding access at the component level. This means that all processors, as well as any nested process groups, within the Hadoop Team's root process group will be accessible by the Hadoop Team automatically.

Let's see an example of the canvas when nifiadmin, a member of the NiFi team, is logged in.


On the other hand, when hadoopadmin, a member of the Hadoop Team is logged in, we'll see a different representation, given the different level of access.


When hadoopadmin drills down into the NiFi Team's process group (notice the title is blank without read access), notice that this user cannot make any changes (the toolbar items are grayed out).


Let's take a look at how this was configured in Ranger. The nifiadmin user has full access to NiFi, so has read and write access to all resources.


Since the hadoopadmin user has more restrictive access, we'll configure separate policies in Ranger for this user. Firstly, hadoopadmin will need read and write access to the /flow resource in order to access the UI and modify any dataflows.


Secondly, this user needs a policy for the root Hadoop Team process group. In order to configure this, we need to capture the globally unique identifier, or GUID, associated with this process group, which is visible and can be copied from the NiFi UI.


The Ranger policy will provide read and write access to this process group within the /process-groups resource.


Notice that the hadoopadmin can modify the dataflow within the Hadoop Team process group (the toolbar items are not grayed out and new processors can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas).


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