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OpenHAB - Build your smart home in no time!

Welcome to

A vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home.

OpenHAB is a mature, open source home automation platform that runs on a variety of hardware and is protocol agnostic, meaning it can connect to nearly any home automation hardware on the market today. If you’ve been frustrated with the number of manufacturer specific apps you need to run just to control your lights, then I’ve got great news for you: OpenHAB is the solution you’ve been looking for – it’s the most flexible smart home hub you’ll ever find. Source


Go to

Download Runtime core and Demo files

Extract Runtime core files in a directory called openHAB and extract Demo files under OpenHAB. See the following:

Now, download smartphone app called openHAB in your smartphone. I am using iOS and once you launch the app then disable DEMO tab and enter the https://192.x.x.x IP:8443 in your local domain as shown below.

You will be controlling the Room settings from your phone while openHAB is running in your machine or raspberry pi.

For now, just for fun, I am running this in my mac and playing on my iOS.

Docs and Examples

If you want to test it like a "pro" then follow this example

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