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Phoenix query using PERCENTILE_CONT fails with NullPointerException

For example:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS P_C ( COL1 INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, COL2 INTEGER ); SELECT PERCENTILE_CONT (0.99) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY COL2 ASC) FROM P_C; java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache.phoenix.expression.aggregator.PercentileClientAggregator.evaluate( at org.apache.phoenix.schema.KeyValueSchema.toBytes( at org.apache.phoenix.schema.KeyValueSchema.toBytes( at org.apache.phoenix.expression.aggregator.Aggregators.toBytes( at at at sqlline.BufferedRows.<init>( at sqlline.SqlLine.print( at sqlline.Commands.execute( at sqlline.Commands.sql( at sqlline.SqlLine.dispatch( at sqlline.SqlLine.begin( at sqlline.SqlLine.start( at sqlline.SqlLine.main(


This is BUG-82044. There is no solution as yet.

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