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It is often the case that we need to install Hortonworks in environments with strict requirements. One such requirement may be that all http traffic must go through a dedicated proxy server.

When installing Hortoworks HDP using Ambari, you can find instructions for configuring Ambari to use the proxy on the website. For example, here is the page for configuring Ambari 2.2

Notice that the instructions mention that you must also configure yum to use the proxy. It’s important to note that the above instructions for yum will configure all repositories to use the proxy, and you may not want this behavior.

So while it is great to set the proxy at yum’s global level, you should review any existing repository configurations to determine if they should not use the proxy. If any repositories should not use the proxy, then you can update their configurations with the following option: proxy=_none_

Additionally, while preparing for an HDP installation, you will also use the tools wget and curl. I suggest that you confirm that these tools are also setup to use the proxy. If not, it’s as easy as setting the proxy option in their configuration files.

Wget has a global file /usr/local/etc/wgetrc.

Wget Options:

use_proxy = on

http_proxy = http://proxyhost:port

Curl does not have a global file, so you can create .curlrc in your home directory.

proxy <[protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port]

Once you have Ambari, yum, wget, and curl configured to use your proxy, you’ll be ready to start the installation.

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Hi I am using microleaves  and i want to set hortonworks behing proxies how it works? Please give me colplete information with steps.
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