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TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

I tested this against the most recent release of TIBCO Enterprise Message Service and their JMS driver available via trial download. I followed the very easy install directions. I downloaded it to a Centos 7 server.

Expanded my download to TIB_ems-dev_8.4.0_linux_x86_64

Then made it executable and ran TIBCOUniversalInstaller-lnx-x86-64.bin --console.

I used all the defaults (I picked server and client) and then quickly ran the finished install server.

Running Tibco on Centos 7

cd /opt/tibco/ems/8.4/bin/
./tibemsd64 -config ~/TIBCO_HOME/tibco/cfgmgmt/ems/data/tibemsd.conf

Example JMS Queue Settings

      URL:   tcp://servername:7222

    class:   com.tibco.tibjms.TibjmsQueueConnectionFactory 

Directory:   /opt/tibco/ems/8.4/lib/

I believe it just uses these files from that directory:

  • tibjms.jar
  • jms-2.0.jar

Once I have my server and port shown, it's easy to add those settings to Apache NiFi.

The settings I need to Publish messages is below.


After you enter your username and queue, you need to create (or use) a controller service.


Then we use our settings for our server, mine are the default ones. Make sure you enter the lib directory containing your jars and that it is on the Apache NiFi server and Apache NiFi user has permissions to read them.


You can also use this same controller to Consume JMS messages from TIBCO EMS.


These are example metadata attributes that Apache NiFi provides to you on message receipt.



Example Run Log of my TIBCO EMS v8.4.0 Server running on Linux.


Example Flow


Example Data

  "top1pct" : "43.1",
  "top5" : "n09428293 seashore, coast, seacoast, sea-coast",
  "top4" : "n04371774 swing",
  "top3" : "n02894605 breakwater, groin, groyne, mole, bulwark, seawall, jetty",
  "top2" : "n03933933 pier",
  "top1" : "n03216828 dock, dockage, docking facility",
  "top2pct" : "34.3",
  "imagefilename" : "/opt/demo/images/201817121004997.jpg",
  "top3pct" : "3.8",
  "uuid" : "mxnet_uuid_img_20180413140808",
  "top4pct" : "2.7",
  "top5pct" : "2.4",
  "runtime" : "1.0"

This is example JSON data, we could use any TEXT.



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