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Hadoop Installation on RHEL 7.2 Tips

  1. Custom Install Tips: Read this article and have it available.
  2. Make sure you know your Hadoop Mount Points
  3. Follow the networking Best Practices
  4. Make sure you follow the Hortonworks HDP minimum requirements.
  5. Make sure you have root access and make sure you have yum, rpm, scp, curl, wget, unzip, tar, yum-utils, createrepo, reposync installed, working and in your path.
  6. Make sure networking, iptables, proxies and firewalls are all open enough for you to access the Hortonworks repos and the bandwidth is decent.
  7. Download the OpenJDK 1.8 64-bit update 51 or higher
  8. Make sure you setup passwordless SSH to all machines, including the current machine you are starting from which is the Ambari Server. You may need to SSH to yourself.
  9. Make sure you have 20G+ of /var space, 20G+ /usr space and plenty of /tmp space. Many things will go here: /usr/hdp
  10. One time I needed to manually install MySQL via sudo yum -y install mysql
  11. Any space where you will install your data nodes will need to be owned by hdfs:hadoop and have 755 access.
  12. Keep in a browser, you can quickly search and find more answers.
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A big note

run visudo

make sure there is no

Defaults requiretty

That will block ambari agent from doing sudo within installs which is needs.

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