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Step1: Please allow below ports from your OS firewall for Ambari.


Step2: Please go though the required component and allow below ports from your OS firewall for HDP.


Step 3: In order to allow YARN jobs to run successfully, we need to add custom TCP port range to the YARN configuration.

Login to Ambari UI --> Select Mapreduce2 --> Configs --> Customer mapred-site --> Add/Modify below property 


1. 32000-65000 is the port range which will be used by Application Master to connect to Node Managers. .

2. You can increase the number of ports based on job volume.


How to add exception in Centos7 firewall?

Example for Step 3.

#firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=32000-65000/tcp
#firewall-cmd --reload 

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