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Hi All,

In this article we will talk about how to setup a separate zookeeper quorum for Kafka which is managed by Ambari.

Please note at this moment Amabri only can support one ZK Quorum, in order to have two Quorum in a cluster

  • (1) for Kafka dedicatedly
  • (2) for all other Hadoop services
  • Only supported option by HWX is to setup another setoff Zookeeper server (3 or 5) and refer those ZK servers as quorum in Amabari managed Kafka

    Prerequisite: -

    Steps (to setup Zookeeper Server) :- Please run all the below command in all the nodes where zookeeper will be installed manually

    1. Create hadoop group and zookeeper ID
    • groupadd hadoop useradd
    • zookeeper -g hadoop

    2. Setting up the environment variables (ease of deployment)

    • export ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR=/etc/zookeeper/conf
    • export ZOOKEEPER_LOG_DIR=/var/log/zookeeper
    • export ZOOKEEPER_PID_DIR=/var/run/zookeeper
    • export ZOOKEEPER_DATA_DIR=/hadoop/zookeeper/data
    • export ZOOKEEPER_USER=zookeeper
    • export HADOOP_GROUP=hadoop
    • export ZOOKEEPER_HOME=/usr/hdp/
    • export JAVA_HOME:- /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.8.0-openjdk/bin

    3. Setting up the environment with necessary Folders and permission

    • mkdir -p $ZOOKEEPER_LOG_DIR;
    • chmod -R 755 $ZOOKEEPER_LOG_DIR;
    • mkdir -p $ZOOKEEPER_PID_DIR;
    • chmod -R 755 $ZOOKEEPER_PID_DIR;
    • mkdir -p $ZOOKEEPER_DATA_DIR;
    • chmod -R 755 $ZOOKEEPER_DATA_DIR;

    4. Create Zookeeper Home and Configuration Directory

    • mkdir -p $ZOOKEEPER_HOME
    • chmod -R 755 $ZOOKEEPER_DATA_DIR;
    • rm -r $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR ;
    • mkdir -p $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR ;

    5. Extract the ZooKeeper configuration files to a temporary directory and Move the files to Home Directory created previously in Step 4

    • tar -zxvf zookeeper-3.4.12.tar.gz
    • cp -R zookeeper-3.4.12/* $ZOOKEEPER_HOME/

    6. Setup of the Configuration files

    • Modify the configuration files.
    • Edit the file to match the Java home directory, ZooKeeper log directory, ZooKeeper PID directory in your cluster environment and the directories you set up above.


    • Edit the zoo.cfg file to match your cluster environment. Below is an example of a typical zoo.cfs file:


    7. Copy all the ZooKeeper configuration files (zoo.cfg and ) to the $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR directory and set appropriate permission

    • rm -r $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR ;
    • mkdir -p $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR ;
    • chmod a+x $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR/;
    • chmod -R 755 $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR/../

    8. Initialize the ZooKeeper data directories with the 'myid' file. Create one file per ZooKeeper server, and put the number of that server in each file:


    1. In the myid file on the first server, enter the corresponding number: 1
    2. In the myid file on the second server, enter the corresponding number: 2
    3. In the myid file on the third server, enter the corresponding number: 3

    9. Finally start the zookeeper Service on all the servers

    sudo -E -u zookeeper bash -c "export ZOOCFGDIR=$ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR ; export ZOOCFG=zoo.cfg; source $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR/ ; $ZOOKEEPER_HOME/bin/ start"

    10. Validate the ZK Server status , either it will be Leader or follower

    sudo -E -u zookeeper bash -c "export ZOOCFGDIR=$ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR ; export ZOOCFG=zoo.cfg; source $ZOOKEEPER_CONF_DIR/ ; $ZOOKEEPER_HOME/bin/ status"

    Steps (to be ran on Amabri Managed Cluster) :- This is to configure Kafka service to Point the Quorum to the newly setup ZK serves

    Please update the “zookeeper.connect” to point to the new ZK servers for example “,,” in Amabri Kafka Config section and restart the services.

    Validate Kafka Services using the new ZK quorum :-

    [root@c18-node2 zookeeper]# cd /usr/hdp/current/kafka-broker

    [root@c18-node2 kafka-broker]# ./bin/ --create --zookeeper --replication-factor 1 --partitions 1 --topic trest_demo

    Created topic "test_demo".

    [root@c18-node2 kafka-broker]# ./bin/ --list --zookeeper



    Regards.. Sumit

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    Is it not possible to use Ambari to install separate Zookeeper Host group, then configure a Kafka host group to use the secondary Zookeeper quorum?

    New Contributor

    Hi Joradn ,

    sorry for the delayed response.

    You can create a ZK host configuration group and add 3 more servers to it , but in this case all the servers will be running in the single ensemble which is managed by Ambari and any point of time there will be only leader and rest of servers will be follower only.

    You can check this by running bellow command on all the ZK server host "echo stat | nc localhost 2181 | grep Mode" as the command."