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Affected versions:

1.2.x, 1.3.x


hst-agent thinks it has uploaded its node file; however, hst-server doesn't find the file when it tries to use it.

Below error reported in the hst-server.log file :

15 Feb 2017 15:09:35,033 INFO Thread-1 BundleMonitor:286 - Uploaded archive /hadoop/1/smartsense/hst-server/tmp/a-00000000-c-00000000_devhdpvm01_0_2017-02-15_15-08-02/ doesn't exists.


hst-server and hst agents have a common directory on the same shared mount where node bundles from each agent are uploaded and clean up before consuming by the hst-server.


Fixed in 1.4.0 and HOTFIX-651 for 1.3.x

Otherwise, create separate directories for each agent / server in the shared mount or replace the share mount with local filesystem.

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