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SYMPTOM: Yarn timeline logs are growing very fast and the disk is now 100% utilized. Below are my configs set for ATS -





ROOT CAUSE: This config does not affect the semantic of the ATS purging process. However, it affects the concrete behavior of a level-db based storage implementation to do purging. This config decides the time interval between two purges in a level-db based ATS storage (like leveldb storage and rolling leveldb storage).

Here in this case, the customer set ttl to 1339200000 ms, 1339200 seconds, or 372 hours or 15.5 days. On a normal cluster with limited disk space budgeted this may cause some problems (13 MB per hour). Reducing this value may help to alleviate the problem.

RESOLUTION: In this case the issue was resolved by modifying the value of the property "yarn.timeline-service.ttl-ms" in the Application Timeline configuration from 1339200000, 15.5 days, to 669600000 or 7 days.

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