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Pre-reqs are to download and start the EsgynDB sandbox:

1. Download Trafodion clients from

2. Untar file and extract jdbcT4.jar file

3. Copy jdbcT4.jar file to zeppelin install folder/lib and restart zeppelin services

4. Launch the zeppelin localhost:9995

5. Go to the interpreter tab and click on +Create

6. In create interpreter,

for Name fieldtype, Trafodion

For Interpreter drop down box, select psql

It will show up the properties box

for postgresql.driver.nameorg.trafodion.jdbc.t4.T4Driver

For postgresql.passwordss

For postgresql.urljdbc:jdbcT4://<yourTrafodion server>:23400/:

For postgresql.userss

Then click Save

The click restart (far right)

7. Go to Notebook and create notebook by specifying a name

On the far right, click on "Interpreter Binding" Bind Trafodion interpreter to your notebook

Move Trafodion to the top and unselect the other interpreter

and then Save

8. At the %sql prompt type a SQL query (select * from trafodion.seabase.t1)


when notebook is idle interpretopr connection times out. There is a property in zeppelin site.xml file that can be modified and then restart zeppelin




<description>Interpreter process connect timeout in msec.</description>