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We just updated Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS to Technical Preview #1.12. The release is packed with goodies such as:

  • Support for deploying compute nodes with spot pricing.
  • Support for executing node recipes - custom scripts that can be run pre- or post- cluster deployment for customizing the cluster and installing additional software.
  • Support for HDP 2.6 (Technical Preview) that can launch two new cluster configurations for Spark 2.1 and Druid. To create an HDP 2.6 cluster, launch the cloud controller and when creating a cluster choose HDP Version: HDP 2.6 (Technical Preview) and then choose one of the available cluster types:


For more details, refer to the Release Notes:

To get started with HDCloud for AWS, visit

To get started with Spark 2.1, see Vinay's blog at

Have fun!

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