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Issue Description :

Unable to Register new Version in Ambari-2.6.2.x versions using Redhat Satellite/spacewalk, The Save button is disabled or grayed out

the Javascript logic of validating the URL fails if the Redhat satellite/spacewalk is ticked and save button remains disabled


Root cause :

Solution :

1) Use javascript Workaround

Go to Ambari-Server node,

  • go to folder(for ambari- folder name will be ADMIN_VIEW\{\} :
  cd /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/views/work/ADMIN_VIEW{}/scripts 
  • Back up the current main.js
  cp main.js /tmp/main.js 
  • vi main.js
    find the line :
$scope.isSaveButtonDisabled = function() { 

Change this functions return type from


return !(enabled && $scope.validBaseUrlsExist());



return !($scope.useRedhatSatellite || (enabled && $scope.validBaseUrlsExist())); 

Save it and Try again after Hard Reloading the Browser.

There is an another option of adding the same via CURL command , which is the tougher method. i will Explain that method in my next article.


Thanks, just what I needed ... Ambari has been constantly having problems with this for last few releases, every time it's something different.

@Fraser Campbell,

Glad that it helped you :). Please vote for this article if you liked it.