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I just tried out the new NiFi 0.7.0 version's Slack.


I used Twitter, since it has some fun data and gets you a nice big stream. Sometimes with Twitter Feeds will be limited and Twitter will give you the 420 Enhance Your Calm Message. Usually you can just wait 5-20 minutes and you will be serving again. Sometimes you might need to use a different of your apps, reset the tokens in your app or create a new app (


Use the Pull Key Attributes, to Find Only Tweets (remove null)

Sink to Slack


For the PutToSlack Processor

Set the Webhook URL to the URL generated by the incoming webhook page in

Set the Webhook Text to ${twitter.msg}, this will send your Twitter message to slack.

Set the Channel to #general, or a channel of your choosing.

I created a slack board for receiving my messages,

You can easily create your own (or using your existing Slack board). Just go to You will need to create a webhook. To set it up, in the #general channel just type incoming webhook. You will get a link the screen to create one.



Apache NiFi 0.70 Final Flow


Now you can start seeing tweets turn into slack messages.


Apache NiFi 0.70 now has 155 processors!


Let's explore some more.


@Timothy Spann Could you please let me know is there any way to provide webhook url property value as a variable?

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@TimothySpann Could you explain how you were able to convert the webhook text to ${twitter.msg} and have it work? I am trying to do a similar flow for AlphaVantage and I am having trouble with sending this step to slack. Thank you