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  • Enable HDFS location access for the HIve table
    • Enable HDFS Policy in Ranger
    • Restrict POSIX access in HDFS File system
  • Grant Hive table access in Ranger

2. Enable HDFS location access for the user

Login to Ranger and select HDFS Policy

Make sure to mention the Hive table location (In below example “Resource Path” points to default Hive Warehouse location)

Validate the HDFS location access is restricted to ensure Ranger policy is working as expected

3. Create table policy in Hive Access if not exists

Select the Hive Policy

Add a new policy if not exists

Grant table access to required users and validate the access by querying the table

4. Enable table policy in Hive Column Masking

Select “Masking” under Hive policy

Select “Add New Policy”

Provide the required information in the Policy Details. Select the Masking option as per the requirement

Below example restricts access for “Sales1” user on column “ip” by masking it using Hash option

Before applying Masking on column “ip” in table omniture

Same query triggered by user Sales1 after applying Masking on column “ip” in table Omniture using Ranger for user Sales1

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