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Teradata's JDBC connector contains two jar files (tdgssconfig.jar and terajdbc4.jar) that must both be contained within the classpath. NiFi Database processors like ExecuteSQL or PutSQL use a connection pool such as DBCPConnectionPool which defines your JDBC connection to a database like Teradata. Follow the steps below to integrate Teradata JDBC connector into your DBCPConnectionPool:

1) Download the Teradata connectors (tdgssconfig.jar and terajdbc4.jar) - you can download the Teradata v1.4.1 connector on


2) Extract the jar files (tdgssconfig.jar and terajdbc4.jar) from hdp-connector-for-teradata- and move these files to your NIFI_DIRECTORY/lib/*


3) Restart NiFi

4) Under your DBCPConnectionPool (Controller > Controller Services), Edit your existing DBCPConnectionPool (if your pool is active, disable it before editing)



5) Under the Configuration Controller Service > Properties, define the following

Database Connection URL: your Teradata jdbc connection url

Database Driver Class Name: com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver

Database Driver Jar Url: * Do not define anything, since you added the two jars to the NiFi classpath (nifi/lib), the driver jars will be automatically picked up -> you could only add one Jar here and you need two *which is why we added to the nifi/lib directory

Database User: Provide Database user

Password: Provide password for Database user


You're all set, you'll now be able to connect to Teradata from NiFi!

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